Computational imaging is an emerging research frontier and hot spot in the field of optoelectronics at home and abroad in recent years. It has a wide range of application needs and development potentials in the fields of automatic vehicle driving, industrial production and inspection, life science and medical care, and national defense and security. In order to strengthen academic exchanges, broaden research horizons, promote the common development of related disciplines and industries, and increase the influence of China's computational imaging technology research in the international arena, the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering (CSOE) has joined forces with relevant superior research institutes in the field of computational imaging in China. We will hold the "International Conference on Computational Imaging (CITA2021)", inviting experts in the field of computational imaging from home and abroad to discuss in depth the research progress, technical bottlenecks and development trends in computational imaging fundamental theories, systems, technologies, devices, computational processing and applications, etc. CITA is committed to developing into the largest, highest level and most comprehensive international academic event in the field of computational imaging. We sincerely welcome researchers and industry practitioners in related fields at home and abroad to submit papers and attend this conference.

General Chairs:

Songlin Zhuang
Chinese Academy of Engineering, China
Yueguang Lv
Yueguang Lv
Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Executive Chairs:

Xiaopeng Shao
Xi Dian University, China
Liangcai Cao
Tsinghua University, China
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