Today, the machine vision industry is ever-expanding, and on the cutting edge of technology. There has been a good deal of discussion about 3D visual perception. Broad availability of 3D sensors has enabled many researchers and developers to focus on 3D perception. 3D point cloud contains richer information about the objects than the traditional 2D images, which makes 3D vision much more ideal for many applications like measuring, inspection and positing. Newly emerging technologies, like 5G, IoT, AI, Deep Learning and others, broaden and give birth to a broad range of application of 3D visual perception in the industries.
      2021 International Symposium on 3D Visual Perception and Applications (IS3DVPA2021) is a newly born symposium focusing on the 3D vision, visual perception and their excited applications in many fields, which is independently operated under the sponsorships of the Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE), the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) , Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin University, Tiangong University and  Beihang University (BUAA).
      The 2nd symposium will be held in autumn season in Tianjin, China. Welcome you to this global event to share your ideas. We believe that it would be a good chance for communications of technical advances and friendships in red houses, green trees, blue sea and blue sky. Hope to see you in Tianjin in harvest autumn!

Honorary Chair:

Guofan Jin
Tsinghua University, China

Shenghua Ye
Tianjin University, China

Liwei Zhou
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Zhuangde Jiang
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


General Chair:

Guangjun Zhang
Southeast University, China

Xiangqian(Jane) Jiang
University of Huddersfield, UK
Jiubin Tan
Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Zhenyuan Jia
Dalian University of Technology, China
Tiejun Li
Hebei University of Technology, China


General Co-Chair:

Huijie Zhao
Beihang University, China

Zonghua Zhang
Hebei University of Technology, China

Anand Asundi
d'Optron Pte Ltd, Singapore

Song Zhang
Purdue University, USA


Organizing Committee:

Jigui Zhu
Tianjin University, China

Zhenzhong Wei
Beihang University, China
Liangcai Cao
Tsinghua University, China
Limei Song
Tiangong University, China

Chao Zuo
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Xinzhu Sang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

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