Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE)
Science and Technology on Low-light-level Night Vision Laboratory
Yunnan University
Xi’an Technological University
North Night Vision Technology Co. LTD
Photoelectronic Technology Committee, Chinese Society of Astronautics
Infrared and Low Light Technology Application Industry Alliance 
Honorary Chair:
JIN Guofan (Tsinghua University)
SU Junhong (Kunming Institute of Physics)
CHU Junhao (The Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)
YU Qifeng (National University of Defense Technology)
JIANG Huilin (Changchun University of Science and Technology)

ZENG Guilin (Kunming Institute of Physics)
ZHANG Li (Yunnan University)
CHEN Qian (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
LIU Weiguo (Xi’an Technological University)
SU Jianzhong (Tianjin Jinhang Institute of Technical Physics)

Executive chairs:
ZHU Yingfeng (Kunming Institute of Physics)
SU Detan (North Night Vision Technology Co. LTD)

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