Micro-nano optics is currently one of the most active frontier technologies in the development of optical science. It combines the frontier achievements of photonics and nanotechnology. The main advantage is that it can realize many new functions on the basis of local electromagnetic interactions, becoming an indispensable key science and technology in the 21st century. Micro-nano optics is not only one of the forefront research directions, but also an important development direction in the current new optoelectronics industry, and in optical communications, optical interconnects, optical storage, sensing imaging, sensory measurement, display, solid illumination, biomedical, security, green energy and other fields also plays an irreplaceable role.
The Chinese Society for Optical Engineering organizes "The 4th Conference on Micro-nano Optical Technology and Application". It combines the national defense and industrial applications to build a large platform for the industrial chain. The aim is to build a seamless docking platform for scientific and technical personnel engaged in related research in our country and industrial application teams to form a joint force to promote the rapid technological development of micro-nano optics itself and its industrial development. 
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